Blessings to you
Are you looking for Life & Love answers? Well I have the solution to solve My psychic abilities have helped many in the past,
I make bold specific predictions & stand by them because they always happen.
Having a background as a PSYCHIC AVDISOR, I can calm the worst anxiety within minutes. I listen very carefully to the question asked as I visualize the situation. I give the you the client specific detailed information which you can use as a tool to your advantage. Don't become disged or separated from love allow me to reunite you! A reader with a heart and compassion is very rare in today's modern world of psychics, but with me you won't go wrong.
I also privide reading your energy aswell and help to heal issues that are keeping you blocked in all areas of your life. In working with the Highest Angelic realm energy all changes can be obtained through Spiritraul Energy Healing Work. I am a Certified Reiki Master, Certified Access spiritrual healer , Powerful Psychic Advisor, and Love Guru.
I'am a empathic and intuitive reader of the heart. Is what clients have said about me.

A Soul-Mate Searcher into love of emotion, feelings and the thought of where one is in their relationship and where they are going.

If your mind is telling you one thing while your heart will offer something different. I will lead you in your path of recognition, and help you to overcome the trials of emptiness.

Love should be cherished and not taken for granted and with my insights you will finaley know the truth!
I have been psychically gifted since I can remember. I feel compelled to share my gift and help others. My Ancestors have passed down an ancient method to me, to guide and help those inneed. . I can help clear your past to create you a better future. Advises wisely in decisions with Life, Family, Career & Love Questions.
 I have predicted many events and given Psychic readings for many years now. I use my ability with compassion and with the aim of guiding others. My goal is to assist you in your life journey & empower you with Spiritual powerful insights.
I will guide you on your path and foresee your destiny.
Client Experience
My clients are diverse and varied, from international personalities,
Celerbertys,business, entertainment & media professionals,Single parents, House wifes,Students, psychologists to regular people next door. I recognize the commonality of spiritual yearning, for true answers, that binds them together as one universal soul..
 With my help I will guide you to the right path to achieving your aims* desires*wishes and dreams in your life or relationship. With only a in person session away you will receive piece of mind and answers to all your yearning questions and problems no matter what they are. 
.My psychic ability is here to consult you on your spiritrual journey As you go through life & love healings , negativity, bad luck ,karma whatever you have that you feel is in your life are never wrong intuition is always right let me show you the way that I can help you call today for a better tomorrow
"If you are just beginning a relationship or thinking about ending one, you should call me first!
*~*Do not be anxious about anything but in prayer present your request to God*~*
                *~*READINGS DONE BY Leeanna Page*~*
                 I will give you EXACT DATES & TIME FRAMES~
                  I Can and Will reunite any lost love
                   *Tarot Card & Full Life Readings*
                      *PSYCHIC READINGS*
                      *PALM & CRYSTAL*
                      *LOVE READINGS*
           Remote Visualization using Clairvoyance
            by holding a picture are a item in hand. 
Whether you'd like me to host a tarot card or psychic reading at your next event like a bachelor party, bridal shower ,wedding, birthday party, or anniversary, i can assist you Additionally, I offer personalized readings specaily for events
The service i provide is guaranteed accuracy that you are sure to return often for guidance, as well as recommend this service to your Co workers-friends & familey.
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